(tennis rockets, balls, floorbal hockey sticks, helmets, soccer balls, basketball, american football ball, voleyball, golf clubs, etc...)

Conditions of reservation

  • present your ID at the reception
  • reserve the equipment in advance via phone beacuse the quantities are limited

Return the equipment

  • please return the rented equipment immediately after your session
  • client is obliged to return the equipment without any sign of damage!!!

Damaged equipment

  • in case of damaged equipment as but not limited to broken, cracked, torn, lost of sport equipment , client is obliged to pay the full price for the equipment as included in our price list
  • damaged sport equipment becomes the clientś ownership upon the full price payment

By renting a sport equipment at our reception, the client agrees and accepts all the terms as listed here and also gives consent to pay the full price for the equipment in case of damge.

Price list of sport equipment